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Hello Hauties!

Did you drive to work this morning? Chances are a big yellow school bus passed by you. If you’re a parent, maybe one even came to your house. The school buses are part of our background, and we generally don’t give them a second thought. Just like we don’t give a second thought to the education they represent. All children go to school. It’s their right; furthermore, it’s the law.

But, what if you lived next door to a child who couldn’t get on that bus and go to school simply because he/she couldn’t afford the mandatory $27.00 uniform? Would you get in your car every morning, look at the house, and simply drive to work? Or would you buy the uniform, give the child a hug, and tell them going to school is one of the most important things they can do to prepare for a better life?

Cambodia- classroom

A Uniform Recipient in Cambodia

As human beings, we like to believe we would all help. But, here’s the crazy thing, this scenario is happening every day. Across the world, many children in impoverished countries are denied an education because they can’t afford that mandatory uniform. Sure, they may not live right next to you. But, in this global economy, we are all neighbors. Without basic education, many of these children are forced into child labor, working for menial pay, and are never given a chance to improve their lives. And so, the cycle continues.

As moms, we want the very best for our children. What parent doesn’t? Imagine being a parent and the only thing that stands between your child and a better future is a uniform. How unjust is that? Two kind-hearted young ladies thought the very same thing. Megan Kelly and Jessica Roy saw this worldwide problem and were inspired to create, Tailored for Education, an organization that raises funds to buy uniforms for children who otherwise might not go to school. The organization sells beautiful scarves, ties, totes, and other items which directly fund the uniform program. In addition, the uniforms are made locally to the schools, providing jobs to the community and helping the local economy.


These two women are truly amazing! This is a true labor of love for children they will never meet! Since 2011, Jessica and Megan have accomplished so much, providing over 40,000 uniforms to children in ten different countries. Those are 40,000 lives whose candles are now burning brighter. You can help and add to the flame by donating $27.00 for a uniform or by purchasing one of the “tailored” items. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are fast approaching. Why not honor the people who worked to give you the very best, by helping a child in another country receive the same?

The ties are gorgeous! They are made by Vineyard Vines and come in a lovely blue and happy pink. We’ve purchased one of the ties for my father-in-law for Father’s Day. (Sorry for the spoiler alert Mr. H. But, at least you don’t know the color!)

Please think of how easily we spend $27.00 on a weekly or even daily basis. Maybe that’s three trips to Starbucks? Now realize the impact that $27.00 can have on a child’s entire life. Watch this video of the bright-eyed uniform recipients. The smiles and gratitude will put a new perspective on those yellow school buses. I promise.

Fantastic job Jessica and Megan! Keep up the great work! You truly represent the “Haute Mama Movement.”

Keep Smiling!

Jess 🙂

Rwanda- Megan Rwanda- Jess 3

Megan and then Jess in Rwanda

Read more about Megan Kelly and Jessica Roy here. Click the links within the post to access the video and various pages of TailoredForEducation.Org

Kenya - Dignitas Project 5

 School Children in Kenya

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