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1. How did you get into the art business?
Some people dream of being an astronaut; I dreamt of being a painter. We have always been a nomadic family. No matter where my father took me, he would buy artwork to commemorate the voyage. My father, who shares my name, is an avid art collector with a great eye. I would say his passion for art runs through my blood. I owe him a great deal as he has had
my back through thick and thin. As the years went by, I acquired a thirst for collecting art. And so, my dream shifted from being a painter to buying and selling art. I Studied art history and finance at Boston College, which gave me a great edge. I would go to all the art fairs with our advisors and soon started making purchasing decisions independently. At age 22, my father handed the reigns of our family’s art fund over to me, and since then, I have been purchasing art as a long term investment (normally 7-10 years minimum). You would be surprised how hard it is to let go of a beautiful painting once you have it. Through purchasing large quantities of works, I
realized I had all the necessary connections to start my own gallery, so that’s exactly what I did. I have partnered with several international galleries to gain access to the top contemporary artists.

2. With what purpose did you open Pellas Gallery?
Though I am originally from Nicaragua, Boston is my home. I love my city. I see the greatest growth potential. Everything is ripe for Boston to evolve into a city known for cutting edge contemporary art. The foundations could not be better. We have incredible Institutions, including the MFA, the ICA, and The Isabel Gardner Museum. We are the best city for higher
education in the country; every year, we produce a new generation of brilliant minds. Lastly, our city is expanding at a tremendous rate; real estate Is booming. I want to help bring interactive experiences and youthful Innovation to the gallery scene here. I want to bring
something different to the table. This is why we try to work with many international artists; we often try to give the foreign artist their first US Show. I want to make careers.

3. What is it like running Pellas Gallery alongside your fiancé?
We have been working together for over a year now, and it couldn’t be any better. I will admit we were nervous at first at the thought of working together, but since day 1, it has been nothing but magical. Traveling and understanding new cultures in depth is a passion we both share. We
believe it important to get to know an artist down to his/her core, which is why spending time with artists in their homeland, in their element, is crucial. In our pursuit of the best new artists. We have been broken down on the side of a remote mountain on Kunming, China’s outskirts. We have hiked mountains to see the inspiration from which one of our artists, Ma Dan, drew for many of her paintings. It’s really quite lovely. We are each other’s shoulder to lean on. I am so proud to have Isabel by my side.

4. Tell us about your next show?
I’m really very excited about our next show in late October. It is our most ambitious project yet. It is a group show titled: “Composure: A Street Art Saga” and explores some of the most influential street artists of all time through the eyes of one photographer-Todd Mazer. Original Works by the artists will be side by side with photography that gives an incredible insight into the artists ‘creative process. I want the viewer to feel like they are walking into a documentary art film. The show will feature contemporary legends such as Shepard Fairey, El Mac, Hueman, and several others.
Hueman, (Allison Torneros) is one of the first major influential female street artists. She will be painting a massive mural in Central Square in this next month. We are proud to say she will be putting up an interactive installation at the Pellas Gallery. I feel very honored to have her paint
my walls. Todd Mazer’s photography will be the link that ties all these incredible artists together. He has photographed each artist painting some of their most well-known murals to date throughout his extensive career. It will be an exhibition Boston has not seen the likes of

5. What will make your next show different than what we are used to?
We will be using this show to elevate the city of Boston. To show how this city and its amazing institutions have impacted the lives of these incredible artists. We want this to be akin to a museum show but with more freedom of expression and extensive background and detail regarding each work’s historical significance. For example, El Mac’s mother and father met in Boston. His mother went to Northeastern. Todd Mazer was the sole photographer as he painted his epic mural at Northeastern. We will have the original drawing for that mural on exhibition and two significant works of his featured in various museums. The works are inspired by one of the first female black women to graduate from the MFA school of art. We want to emphasize how much of impact institutions like the MFA, ICA, and Boston, in general, have had on these legendary artists. For example, Shepard Fairey had his first retrospective at the ICA. We will feature several works that the ICA has in its permanent collection as a tribute to its good work.

El Mac Aerosol Exalted Carousel

F. Alfredo Pellas IV

Originally from Nicaragua, Alfredo Pellas IV has spent time in Miami; Telluride; Lugano, Switzerland; and Syndey, Australia, before settling in
Boston. He and his fiance, Isabel Arguello, run Pellas Gallery. The couple’s hobbies include traveling, skiing, surfing, and of course collecting art. Alfredo studied art history and finance at Boston College and received his Masters in Management from Boston University.

Alfredo Pellas and Isabel Arguello of The Pellas Gallery
The Pellas Gallery, 114 Newbury St. Boston, MA

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