Kimberly is a dreamer, a romantic at heart who is up for anything and can make things happen. A proud Massachusetts gal and single mother of four her interests can take her from a night on the town in Boston, to cheering on her kids at their various sporting events the next morning. With her degree in Fashion Design, 10 plus years of retail experience and her passion for inspiring women to find their inner fashionista, Kimberly co-created Three Haute Mamas back in 2010. The Charity Mama of the group Kimberly thrives on lending a hand to charities such as the Ellie Fund, Healing Little Hearts and b Positive Project, just to name a few! Her motto about giving is…..

“Charity is like Haute Couture for the Soul.”

When she is not writing for the website and helping her charities, she can also be found backstage lending a hand to such organizations as The Tent at Boston Fashion Week as well as stylist and Emcee at South Coast Hospitals Ladies Luncheon and Fashion Show. In March 2015 Kimberly was chosen as one of 5 bloggers from around the country to be the very first JCPenney Muses!

What she hopes to bring to the blog is a way for women to learn, laugh and love themselves more!

Jessica may seem like your typical girly-girl. But, on the inside lives Andy Rooney, a science nerd, and J-Lo, all competing for her main voice. Jess is a head-strong woman who knows how to get the job done, while also having a little fun along the way.
For 12 years she was a proud business owner, but an even prouder mom of two adorable (and tremendously rambunctious) boys.

In 1998, with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Jess took her fingers to the keyboard as a news writer at a local Boston TV station. Eventually, she left TV for a job as a technical writer. In 2004, through serendipity and love, Jess became part owner of a local moving company with her husband, Garry. But as we know, nothing in life is a guarantee. In 2014, Jessica lost the love of her life to cancer. She continued to run the award-winning moving company until recently.

A writer at heart, Jessica became a haute mama in early 2015 as a means to feed her writer’s soul. She hopes to bring a sense of humor, introspection, and healthy skepticism to the blog.